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School Children

Prevent Child Abuse by Educating Children in Coffee County

The Coffee County Children’s Advocacy Center offers programs for students, empowering them to recognize abuse and respond appropriately to bullying, cyber-bullying, and all types of abuse. Our trained facilitator uses Monique Burr Foundation programs. We offer these programs free to Coffee County Schools and any interested parties. 

Why should schools take advantage of the free program? 
MBF Child Safety Matters® is a comprehensive, evidence-based curriculum for students in grades K-5. The program teaches children and all relevant adults to recognize, prevent and respond appropriately to abuse, including physical, sexual and digital abuse dangers. 

MBF Child Safety Matters aims to ensure schools have access to effective and easy-to-implement programs. Classes are presented by trained facilitators in two lessons ranging from 35 to 55 minutes in classrooms. Facilitators present engaging information in an interactive way. The lessons include videos, lecture, group discussion, skills-practice activities and games.  

Research shows more than 60% of children 18 and younger had experienced abuse in the past year. One in 4 children will experience some type of victimization before the age of 16. Research shows prevention education has been effective at protecting children, according to Monique Burr Foundation.  

The programs are trusted by parents and supported by national subject matter experts, state leaders and organizations in the fields of education and prevention.


  • Evidence based

  • Free for schools

  • Easy for schools to implement 

  • Presented in a way that’s developmentally appropriate for students in grades K-5

  • Educates children, school staff and parents

  • Based on polyvictimization research (Polyvictimization refers to the experience of multiple types of victimization, such as physical and sexual abuse, bullying, neglect and exposure to family violence, versus multiple episodes of the same kind of victimization.)

  • Provides strategies to protect children, including five safety rules that are easy to remember

  • Provides practice and reinforcement of learned skills 

  • Created, reviewed and supported by experts

Call us to schedule classes 
If you are interested in scheduling MBF Child Safety Matters classes, please call Elena Cawley at 931-723-8888 or email

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