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Forensic Interviewer Rachel Fuller

Rachel Fuller serves as forensic interviewer for the Coffee County Children’s Advocacy Center. Rachel’s responsibilities include conducting forensic interviews and coordinating interview schedules with members of the Child Protective Investigative Team (CPIT). She provides testimony in pertinent court proceedings.


Additionally, she provides and compiles data for tracking reports. Rachel attends statewide meetings for interviewers and participates in trainings relevant to new interviewing techniques and current research.

“The center is important for this community because it serves as a child-friendly, safe and neutral place for the children of Coffee County to come and speak their truth,” Rachel said. “Our facility is the place where everyone involved in a case, including the Department of Child Services, law enforcement, prosecution, mental health professionals and medical personnel, can coordinate to make sure that all pertinent information is elicited from the child at one time rather than the child having to recount his or her trauma multiple times. We also provide the children and their non-offending caregivers support and information about potential community resources to help the family on their journey towards healing.”

Rachel is a graduate of Motlow State Community College, where she studied psychology. She earned a Bachelor of Science in interdisciplinary studies from Middle Tennessee State University. Rachel taught within the Tullahoma City School system for five years prior to joining the Coffee County CAC in 2017.

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