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Media Contact 

For more information and/or photos, please contact Deborah Allen at 931-723-8888 or


The Coffee County Children’s Advocacy Center has experts to speak about: 

  • Child sexual abuse

  • Child physical abuse

  • Child abuse prevention

  • Forensic interviewing for children

  • Multidisciplinary team approach to investigating child abuse cases

  • Providing resources for children and families when there’s concern of child abuse 

  • Minimal Facts training

  • Talking to Kids training


About Coffee County Children's Advocacy Center 
When the most vulnerable members of our community are harmed, they find a safe place and support at the Coffee County Children's Advocacy Center. The Coffee County CAC is a nonprofit organization. We believe every child deserves a happy and healthy childhood. We prevent trauma and provide healing through prevention, education and intervention. Our vision is for a community where children are safe, families are strengthened, and victims are healed. Our quest to become a society free of child abuse began in 2004, when a group of local activists led by the Coffee County Church Women United founded Coffee County CAC. The center opened its doors in June of 2005 to serve children of Coffee County.

Board Members 

Barbara Arp (Chair)  

Bethany Arnold

Christy Brown

Scarlett Carpenter

Margaret Henderson

Megan Hershman

Tracey Hershman-Weibert

Ivy Petty 

Heather Phillips

Joanna Reynolds (Treasurer)

Frequently asked questions 

Does the Coffee County CAC charge families for services?

No. All services we provide are free.

Does the Coffee County CAC charge for prevention programs for groups?

No. Prevention programs are available for interested parties in our community. All prevention programs are free. If you’re interested in our prevention programs, call us at 931-723-8888.

Does the Coffee County CAC help children outside of Coffee County? 

We do courtesy cases for other areas if the children live in Coffee County now, or if it is easier for the family to travel to our center. Also, if children have gone through a Children’s Advocacy Center elsewhere and have relocated in Coffee County, we offer continued support services, such as therapy services.

How is Coffee County CAC funded?

We are supported through a combination of state grants, local government, private foundations and individual donations. Less than 50% of our budget comes from state grants.

What does the Child Protective Investigative Team (CPIT) do?

CPIT is a multidisciplinary group that meets at the Coffee County CAC monthly to discuss every severe child physical abuse case and child sexual abuse case reported in our district.

What agencies are part of CPIT? 

District Attorney General’s Office, Department of Children’s Services, Our Kids Clinic, Centerstone, Coffee County Sherriff’s Department, Manchester Police Department, Tullahoma Police Department, Coffee County Juvenile Court and the Coffee County CAC are part of CPIT.

Are you part of the Department of Children’s Services? 

No, we are a private nonprofit organization.

How do I report suspicions of child abuse?

If you suspect child abuse, call 877-237-0004. You can report suspicions of child abuse anonymously. State law mandates anyone suspicious of child abuse to report it.

What are possible signs of child sexual abuse?

The symptoms of abuse vary from child to child. The following are possible indicators of child sex abuse, according to the Department of Children’s Services: soreness or bruising, pain or itching in genital or anal areas; sexually transmitted diseases; nightmares or bedwetting; unexplained loss of appetite; becoming isolated or withdrawn; repeated runaway or suicide attempts; self-destructive behavior/self-injury/cutting, risky or delinquent behavior; substance abuse. See the full list.

What are possible signs of child physical abuse?

The symptoms of abuse vary from child to child. The following are possible indicators of child physical abuse, according to the Department of Children’s Services: unexplained fractures or injures; previous injuries in various healing stages; patterned injuries consistent with objects of abuse (cigarettes, belt, hands); emotional turmoil (anxiety, depressed, suicidal); developmental delays; self-isolation or undue aggression; fear of going home; many school absences. See the full list.

How can I support the Coffee County CAC?

You can support the center by donating time, money or an item from our wish list. Donations may be tax deductible, and your support helps the center reduce trauma and provide healing to children and families in Coffee County. 

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