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Becky Buller lends her talent and voice to help raise awareness of child abuse

Fiddler, singer, songwriter Becky Buller, who has earned 10 International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) awards, has joined the Coffee County Children’s Advocacy Center’s quest to end child abuse. She is also the first artist ever to win in both instrumental and vocal categories, as well as the first female to win Fiddle Player of the Year.

“I grew up in Minnesota, but my husband, Jeff Haley, grew up here, and Manchester, Tennessee, became my adopted hometown just over 12 years ago,” Buller said.

“Through my songs I like to tell stories and reach people’s hearts, stir their emotions and make them smile. I’d like to use my voice today to talk about something that’s near and dear to my heart: children. I want to use my voice to help end child abuse.”

The Coffee County Children’s Advocacy Center served 350 children victims of severe child abuse in 2020.

“The greatest challenge to battling child abuse is lack of awareness,” Buller said. “Community members can help prevent child abuse by learning the red flags, recognizing child abuse and responding appropriately to signs of child abuse. Using my voice today, I have joined the advocacy center’s quest. Together, we can end child abuse.”

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