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‘Children are our future.’ Learn the red flags to stop child abuse.

Craig Johnson, attorney who served as Coffee County Circuit Court judge for 23 years, talks about the harmful impact of child abuse on individuals and on society. Johnson encourages community members to learn the red flags and to prevent child abuse.

“It’s important to raise awareness,” he said. “We all need to be vigilant when we interact in our society about seeing the warning signs for abuse, whether it’s through children or whether it’s through how adults treat children. If we are all aware of things that can trigger or be signs of abuse, we can be better prepared to report and take action to stop it. Obviously, our society suffers because children are our future; they are tasked with providing for the wellbeing of humankind for the rest of their lives, and they pass on what’s normal and how you treat other people to their children. If they are brought up in an atmosphere of abuse, it tends to create future abuse. The more we make people understand how it creates negative attitude or a negative personality in children, the better off our future will be and the better off their future will be.”

Learn how you can prevent child abuse.

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