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Rachel supports children on their way to healing

Meet Rachel Fuller. Rachel serves as forensic interviewer for Coffee County Children’s Advocacy Center. Rachel provides a safe space for children to tell their stories. She supports children on their way to healing. Rachel’s responsibilities include conducting forensic interviews and coordinating interview schedules with members of the Child Protective Investigative Team. She provides testimony in pertinent court proceedings. Additionally, she provides and compiles data for tracking reports.

“My favorite part of this job is being the safe space for a child to tell their story,” Rachel said. “I love knowing that a child may have come into the Coffee County CAC with the weight of the world on their shoulders, but hopefully they leave breathing a bit easier knowing that there are people that believe them, care about them, and will be there to support them along the way."

Rachel grew up in Manchester.

“I am originally from Florida, but I grew up right here in Manchester, Tennessee,” she said.

Rachel loves spending time with her family.

“I live at home with my boyfriend and our three cats,” Rachel said. “Also, my mom and siblings live close by, and I am grateful to have them near as they are a wonderful support system.”

She enjoys traveling, music and cooking.

“I love traveling, hiking, going to concerts, weightlifting, spending time with my boyfriend and pets, and attempting to improve my cooking skills.”

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