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Share. Show you care. Fight child abuse.

It’s extremely important to promote awareness by educating everyone on what signs to look for and how to report abuse, according to Leanne Eaton, director of Youth Services for Coffee County. Eaton has seen the effects of child abuse. She has seen children who became withdrawn or resistant to discuss their home life with her. Their grades would drop, or they would lose interest in school activities. She has seen athletes stop playing due to fear of others seeing physical signs of abuse. Often, children are afraid to report that a parent or guardian has inflicted physical abuse for fear of what will happen to them—either being punished when the abuser is approached by investigators or being removed from their home by a Child Protective Services worker, according to Eaton. She has received many calls from teachers who are concerned that a student may be a victim of physical or sexual abuse. Read the full story on Thunder Radio.

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